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Abundance is About Perspective, Not Manifesting

It’s that time of year when everyone scurries to figure out their goals and intentions, as resolutions have become so last century. Seemingly out of fashion in the new consciousness. Where visioning, intentions and manifesting the life of your dreams, is the new normal. One that we’re all rightly claiming.

So what does a world of vision boards vs. resolutions look like? And is it effective? If you’re doing your manifestation practice thoroughly, your vision board is likely covered with everything that you’re looking to bring into your life in 2020.

But know this. Whether you’re looking to manifest a new career, better health, finances or love; what you’re inherently looking to manifest is abundance. And abundance isn’t something you manifest. It’s something you tune into.

When we view abundance as something we are seeking, therefore needing to manifest. We keep it outside of us. Always elusive, always separate. When the true work is to realize that abundance isn’t separate from you. In fact, you already are IT. Therefore, to achieve abundance, start by acknowledging it as your true nature.

In other words, your perspective and the energy you are bringing into your manifestation work is of the utmost importance. Not the approach, per se.

Therefore, take time to consider what manifesting actually means to you. Why are you doing it? If it inherently is anchored to a sense of lack; then deeper work needs to be done first. Alternately, if you are manifesting from a sense of wanting to realize externally, what you already know to be true within. You are likely in good shape.

Because here’s the thing…

(And this holds true not only for financial abundance but for anything you believe is missing from your life that you want to bring in.)

It’s the belief in lack, of any kind or that you are inherently limited in any way. That is likely the reason WHY you aren’t experiencing it as your current reality already. Your perception of absence, keeps you out of abundance. Instead, shift your perception from separation to that of oneness.

For example, if you do use a vision board in your manifestation process. When you look at your vision board do you get happy because you KNOW this is your ultimate truth? Or do you feel worry and an underlying sense of dis-ease? Because deep down you believe it’s elusive?

Moreover, consider where your need to create a vision board even come from? To articulate something or to fill a gap? If the later, then use it to heal your false perception that what you want is something that needs to be acquired. Instead, practice sitting in mediation with your board exuding a deep sense of knowingness.

The point is that as you heal your false perception of separation, you begin to simply live in abundance. No trying or striving for it. Here are some practices to help make this important shift:

  1. Acknowledge its presence within. Start your days by FEELING that you are the very energy and essence of abundance. Visualize it as your very essence; core nature. You might imagine it shinning out, all around you. See IT as you.

  2. Tune into IT. Choose to see the inherent abundance that is present in everything. Every single thing you see, feel, touch — EVERYTHING holds the frequency of abundance. Practice tuning into the feeling of it, in every moment.

  3. Claim you are IT. Throughout the day, as you start to tune into the abundance all around you; claim you are it. Consciously acknowledge this through simply saying to yourself, “I am that.”

  4. Feel the gratitude. Stop doing gratitude as a practice or daily exercise (just for the sake of doing); and get back to FEELING it. Really feeling it once a day, rather than going through motions of making a list, for example. This is one of the most important shifts you can undertake.

  5. Use your vision board to heal separation. Use your board to confirm what you know to be true. That YOU ARE that which you seek. Feel the joy and gratitude of having already received what’s on the board. Opposed to believing you will one day receive it. A subtle, but important shift.

For as you shift your perspective into realizing you are living in abundance in every moment — no matter your circumstance — you alter your state of being. In other words, allow THAT which is already YOU to come forward. Through the realization that you are unlimited.

It is from this place that we experience more and more abundance in our lives. For as you acknowledge your truth as already being abundant, do you experience more of it.

— Full Article found HERE, as published on January 17, 2020 on Thrive Global


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