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Community Spotlight: Meredith Latham

The Women's Purpose Community is a private membership-based community of seasoned, female executives who come together to focus on expansive personal growth. Our members are high-powered women who come together in a safe space to focus on deeper inner work. We invite you to learn more on our community through our member series.

Titles aside, what are the 3-4 words that best describe you?

Curious, positive, connector

What does living your ‘soul purpose’ mean to you?

Living my purpose means I am utilizing my gifts to lift and support others.

When’s the last time you were vulnerable?

The last time I was vulnerable was during a conversation with a small group of women whom I trust in the Womens Purpose Community.

What did your ego – the voice of fear that presents itself as the voice of reason – most recently say to you?

My ego showed up very boastfully after making a milestone announcement about a new business. Feedback from friends and colleagues was positive and my ego took over by making me hungry for even more reinforcement. She made me lose sight of the purpose for a while. Thankfully, I recognized it, called it out and recentered on the entire reason for the business.

What soul-lesson are you focused on right now?

Is there a multiple-choice option? Because no lesson is ever complete, they are all open tickets! On top of the list lately has been to lean on God's will. It feels great to articulate that prayer is the most needed practice in my soul. One day I would like to say prayer is the most present and active practice in my soul.

What’s a piece of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?

Find your people for every aspect of your life. Find your colleague community, find your soccer-mom community, find your friends community and find your purpose community. Whatever your critical life categories are – take the time to build a trusted community that shares your values. The 360 degrees of care, mutual support and inspiration will endlessly fill your cup.

Finally, what do you get most out of the Women’s Purpose Community?

Fresh, caring friendships. Solid, supportive advice. Fair, achievable accountability. Vulnerable, relatable sharing. Intelligent, creative inspiration.


For more soul-purpose content, you can listen to the Soul Purpose with Jessica Joines podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Unity Radio!


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